Monday, December 5, 2011

Prayer for Self-Control/Temperance .............. Fruit of the Spirit

Galatians 5: 22-23: But the fruit of the Spirit is ……..meekness, TEMPERANCE: against such there is no law.
For this post we will look at the the final aspect of the fruit of the spirit which is TEMPERANCE. In the NIV the word SELF-CONTROL is used instead of the word TEMPERANCE. The word self-control  is self explanatory, however, I would like  share with you the definition from the New Ungers Bible dictionary which states: the virtue of one who masters his desires and passions, especially his sensual appetites. In other words having control over our “temper and emotions”.
Controlling our temper and emotions seems to be a difficult thing to do for most of us. We frequently will hear people justify their actions as being triggered by another person or thing. Whereas we cannot control other people’s action, we certainly need to know that we can control ours. We do have a choice of how we respond when confronted by certain situations. Because it is an “all you can eat buffet”, does not mean that I need to eat myself sick. Because the driver cuts me off, it does not mean I give him the finger, because a male may pay me a compliment , does not mean I need to  pursue a realtionship, because the cashier gave me too much change does not mean I put it in my wallet and leave. In all these situations I had the choice over my actions.  In other to control our emotions and passions we need to first start with the mind, we need to make sure that our minds are renewed daily with the word of God. We need to pause before we react and think of what would Jesus want us to do,counting to 10 may not be enough.

Father, I pray that my children will exhibit the fruit of self-control/temperance in their everyday life. Control over their emotions and passions, knowing when to say No, or Yes, or when to walk away. I pray that they will renew their mind with your word, and will pause before reacting to situations.  That they will not see this as a weakness but as a strength. As I pray for them, I pray that I too will exhibit before them this fruit of Self-control/Temperance in the way in which I respond to situations. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

“Of such there is no Law” Any person who exhibits these virtues of the fruit of the spirit, cannot be condemned!!!!!

In his Service,


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